How to get to MONKEY ISLAND from Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City (also still known as Saigon) and looking for something a little different to the normal historical and cultural tours then let me recommend a day trip to MONKEY ISLAND!

Located in Can Gio, Monkey Island is only a couple of hours away from District 1 in Saigon. You can pay private tour guides to take you there, but you can save your money and get a taste of being a local by using the public buses instead.

On a budget you can get to Monkey Island for only £0.50 ($0.65 at time of writing) each way plus £2.40 ($3) entry fee.

A bargain compared to the $50 being charged for a private tour!

View the video guide below to getting to Monkey Island from Ho Chi Minh City or keep reading for more detailed instructions.

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My Week in Seoul, South Korea (and a little bit of North Korea!)

Following a much needed rest at Incheon Airport’s Spa on Air I took the Airport Rail into Seoul, an express train which takes about 45 minutes and cost around £3 one way, I’m still struggling to get used to the cost of things away from the UK!

Checking into the hostel I then explored a small part of the river side and found dinner before calling an end to Day 1.

Day 2 began with a trip to the War Memorial of Korea. The name is slightly misleading as it is more than just a memorial with a fantastic museum over 3 floors going through the history of war on the Korean peninsula from early ages to the Korean War.

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