The Escape Begins

After nearly a decade of being a police officer it feels weird to no longer have a warrant card in my pocket.

Handing over years worth of uniform and notebooks was a strange feeling I wasn’t planning on for another 20 odd years. No matter how much I moaned, and I know I did(!), I still loved being a police officer and this will take some getting used to.

I am incredibly grateful to all the kind words that have been said the last few weeks. Whilst I’ll no doubt miss The Job it is the people I’ll miss the most. It’s no exaggeration some of you have saved me from many a beating, if not worse, and I am better for having met all of you. I mean it when I say I love you all. I wouldn’t have lasted a week if it weren’t for the great people I worked with.

However, no time to dwell. I’m writing this at Gatwick Airport waiting to board the first leg of what will hopefully be the best adventure of my life.

I can’t promise to update this daily or weekly but I’ll do my best to keep those who are interested updated on where I am and how I’m doing.

On the Follow Me page it will also link my Instagram and YouTube which may have more updates. 

​To those I leave behind, stay safe and I’ll see you soon.

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