New York City

The city from the river

After months of talking and planning I’m finally here! The adventure has really begun, and with a bang too…

Landing in JFK Airport tired but excited I managed to miss the signs for the shuttle buses and ended up in completely the wrong place. Fortunately I soon got on a bus to get back where I belonged only to have a tyre blow out en route, tearing off a quarter of the wheel arch!

Once a replacement bus was found and I’d met up with my dad, who’s joining me for the first few weeks, we could head into the city. 

New York is incredible. Everywhere you walk is a location from a TV show or movie, or an iconic building you’ve seen in hundreds of photos.

2 days is not enough time to see it all, despite our best attempts and nearly 25,000 steps the first day!

Despite the long journey ahead I’m already making plans to come back and see the things I’ve missed.

​I was hoping to have a video up by now but haven’t had a chance to buy a laptop, hopefully that will be sorted in the next few days.

After New York we’ve driven through 3 states to Boston, Massachusetts. Along the way we stopped at the USS Nautilus museum, the first nuclear powered submarine in the US Navy which you can walk through. It’s completely free and I highly recommend it.

Hopefully another update soon!

Fancy joining NYPD Traffic?

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